Quirks and character qualities are things that everyone has. Some of them we are very comfortable with. We may be proud of certain bodily features we have. We may be very happy with how our personality is. With that comes security. We can be very secure with how we feel about ourselves. Sometimes though, we look at ourselves and judge. That’s where our insecurities come into the spotlight. Everyone at some point in their lives gets insecure. Be it that we are insecure about our bone structure or how people perceive us, we all experience some form of insecurity.

Insecurity is defined by the fact that we sometimes are just not confident in ourselves. We can get anxious about who we are and that is completely normal. Sometimes our head is just not in the game and we start second guessing ourselves. It happens to everyone so we shouldn’t beat ourselves up when we’ve come to realise that we’re feeling a little bit insecure.

So what can we do when we’re feeling insecure? We can start off by taking a look at the way we talk to ourselves. When we see ourselves in the mirror what do we say? I’m not going to give any attention to anything negative anyone might say to themselves. Instead I’m going to say that we should always be saying, “Wow, I look beautiful today!”. We need to keep telling ourselves that everyday because it’s true. We are all beautiful as cliché as it sounds. The only compliments in the world that matter are the ones that we give to ourselves. How can we compliment others if we can’t give ourselves a pat on the back every now and then?

What about our body language? How are we carrying ourselves? Body language seems over-looked today. Strike a power pose if you’re not feeling secure about yourself. Just a forced smile produces the same endorphins that cause us to feel happy, a power pose helps us feel more confident. So stand like superman and feel like him too! We don’t have to walk about like a superhero to feel confident though. Stand up straight and stick your chest out. Keep your shoulders behind your back and walk about knowing that we are all equal. We have to show ourselves respect if we intend to gain the respect of others. How can we respect a person that does not respect themselves? Having proper posture is not just healthy for our body, but also healthy for our mind. In various indian philosophies they talk about kundalini energy. The kundalini can’t travel properly from our root to our crown without proper posture.

We are all human beings living on the same planet. We are all the same, but also different. We are all beautiful people with good things to contribute to this world. When we focus on all of the good things we can bring to one another our insecurities dwindle.  If our insecurities come from what other people think of us then we remind ourselves that we need only to change for ourselves. We need to be able to live and be ourselves without the need for validation and acceptance from others. When we accept ourselves for who we are, faults and all, then we become truly secure with ourselves. We should not let that stop us though from working on our faults. We can always strive to be a better person today than we were yesterday and that leads to growth. With our own spiritual growth we can encourage others to grow. We can help others get over their insecurities, and more often than not, we help ourselves in the process. Let us speak positively to ourselves because we are worth it. We will always be good enough and when we’re not feeling good enough then we go back and remind ourselves why we are good enough. Meditate on the good. We don’t need to suffer by our own hand. So do me this favour. Take care of yourself unselfishly. Speak kindly to yourself. By doing that we can achieve the ultimate goal of loving one another and that is a world that sounds beautiful to me.

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