Follow your heart

follow your heart.jpg

Modern society dictates that we should act a certain way. Dress appropriately. Don’t do that because someone might make fun of you. If you wear that outside of the house you’ll become a laughing-stock. Why would you cut your hair like that? I could go on for hours about the amount of questions I hear people ask each other; not to mention the ones I get myself. Why do we concern ourselves with how others perceive us? Why are we so afraid of doing what we want to do and being what we want to be?

Conformity is a big part of our human nature. If the majority does it- then we think it’s right and we should do exactly what they do. Basically, we play follow the leader daily. Now there’s nothing wrong with having a leader, but when it gets to a point where you’re doing something against your will. Well, that’s just plain unhealthy. The most important piece of advice floating around these days is to follow your heart. Trust me. Your heart will always have the right answer for you.

I always tried to find my own way of doing things and I still do to this day. Following procedures is something I do when what I’ve been doing is obviously just not going to work. I’ve always dressed the way I wanted to dress and lately I’ve been more colourful with my wardrobe; just to give an example. I find people wear a lot of neutral colours and I was there too. I never felt that neutral colours let me express myself properly, but it felt risky. “Will people make fun of this blue sweater with these red pants?”. So I asked my heart. It said that I should dress however I want to. Turns out, I really wanted to wear colourful clothes regardless of whether they clashed or not. People’s reaction? “Wow! That sweater is awesome man!”. So what am I getting at here? If you follow your heart then you will be absolutely fine. More often you will find that people will adore you for being yourself, and those that try to bring you down are actually complimenting you. “Why would you put on such bright colours!” or “It’s hilarious to see you with cornrows!” is those people actually adoring/looking up to you. Unfortunately, they don’t fully know how to express that so them saying things that we perceive as “negative” is the best way they can channel their adoration. Always remember though, the only validation that you will ever need during your existence is your own validation. You are capable of making your own decisions. You are capable of making yourself feel good. If you ever feel scared of doing something, ask your heart.

One of my best friends taught me how to ask my heart if something I wanted to do was right. Close your eyes. Ask the question three times. If you get a yes three times then you have your answer, but what if you don’t get a yes? Sometimes you get a no. What to do after a no is obvious. Sometimes, though, you get no answer from your heart. That’s happened to me a couple of times. What does this mean? Well, I’ve thought about it as an “ask me again later” situation. Even our hearts can be unsure and they need to be able to ponder on the question a little bit longer. You will eventually get your answer. This is how I choose to ask my heart for advice. We can all find our own way of asking our heart for advice.

Another friend taught me that I should meditate on my heart. Listen to it. Find out exactly where your heart is in your body and meditate on it. Chant your mantra. Go through your breathing exercises. Use your method of meditation and focus on your heart. It will make asking questions easier.

If you follow your heart then you will always be doing what’s right for you. Don’t let the mass media dictate how you have to be. Your heart is fully capable of helping you out in that area of life. If you choose to follow your heart, inner peace and happiness will come.