Empathy. Everyone at a point in their lives has picked up on someone’s current emotion and felt said emotion. Being happy around an overly excited person. Feeling sad at a funeral. Feeling calm around a quiet person. We all manage to pick these emotions up from others every now and then. Some more intensely than others.

Sometimes we become uneasy because of that. We could be feeling great and then all of a sudden we pick up an emotion from someone else that changes our current mood. What happened? Why am I all of a sudden feeling very stressed out? Not knowing why our current mood/state of mind changed makes us very uncomfortable and that is what we need to fix. Realizing that we’re picking up emotions from others makes dealing with being overly empathetic much easier.

Empathy is important though. I’m not saying that you should try to get rid of your empathy. Why would we not want to pick up on how someone close to us is feeling? Being able to pick up on others emotions is a talent we should all be thankful to have. The most important factor is that we don’t let the emotion affect us. We know it’s there. Just notice the emotion and don’t give it anymore thought. Let’s not allow it overtake what we are currently feeling. Now that’s easier said than done, but with practice we can turn it into something positive.

A friend of yours is sad, but is hiding that from you. Over some time, if not instantly, you start to feel down. You realize that you have nothing to feel bummed out about so why are you in the gutter? Maybe you start to analyze why you might be sad and make something up about why you could be feeling down. We do this all the time. Maybe you read your friend’s body language and come to the conclusion that something’s wrong. You realize that you’re picking up your friend’s sadness. If you choose not to let it affect you then you will go about your activities as if nothing happened. It is up to us how we react to a situation like this, but we can now come at it from a more positive angle.

Here’s the thing though. You’ve just realized that your friend is sad and is choosing to not talk about it. If he slips up at what he’s doing or makes a mistake; all of a sudden it’s much easier to forgive him because you know his current state of mind is not functioning at it’s best. You may ask him if he’s not feeling well. He might respond with a lie, “Everything is fine, why do you ask?” and you could answer, “I’m just picking up a weird vibe is all” and go on with your day. If your gut tells you that you’re picking up a weird vibe from someone, trust it. We are hardwired to pickup on vibes from others. It’s our intuition that tells us that something is off. Emapthy and intuition go hand in hand and if you’re sensitive to the energy other people are giving off, but don’t realize it, then trust your intuition.

Somewhere along the way we will definitely forget that we are picking up other’s emotions and that’s okay. We aren’t as in touch with our own emotions or capabilities as we once were. That’s why we need to reconnect with ourselves via means of meditation, yoga and general spiritualism to ensure inner peace and happiness. Just imagine if everyone was incredibly empathetic. Let’s say that instead of stress- the main emotion is overall happiness and inner peace. Imagine how great of a world that is. Everyone picking up on such positive emotions. Then here comes the stranger. Sadness, stress, anger, feelings that we generally describe as negative. All of the empaths pick up on this and realize that someone has fallen out of balance. They do their best to assist the stranger back on his path. Not a lot of time goes by before the stranger is back on the horse riding happily.

That seems like a beautiful existence to me.

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