Some people say that we use more muscles to frown rather than smile. Some people say the exact opposite. Either way I’d say a smile is always the better option. A smile in extreme cases can save people’s lives. A smile can not only brighten another person’s day, but it can also brighten yours. Yes, the picture of my dog (Pjakkur) was put up there in hopes of making you crack a smile!

The importance of smiling is often over-looked in our society that chooses to be rather non-expresive from what I’ve observed. Appearing aloof or non-chalant seems to be trending these days so we can portray ourselves as cool. That’s not cool. Why would we choose to be expressionless and try to demonstrate lack of emotion when we are very emotional beings. Why should we try to suffocate our emotions, especially the postive ones, by sealing them in an air-tight jar and putting them up on a shelf somewhere far back in our heads.

I remember reading an article that says even forcing a smile produces endorphines causing your mood to tip over into a more positive state. Now if that’s not the case I’d say it doesn’t really matter. Why? Even if it’s a placebo effect and you’re not producing any endorphines, but you feel better, then forcing a smile should be good for you. As a person who believes in the importance of expressing your emotions truly this may seem contradicting, but if we can make ourselves feel better just by moving our facial muscles then I’d say that making a concious effort to smile, even when you’re down, is a wonderful tool in our arsenal that we should use more often.

Smiling to others encourages comfort in your presence. I’m not sure about the majority, but I know for sure that when I’m talking to a person that smiles a lot I feel a lot more comfortable during the conversation. I appreciate it when strangers walk by me and smile as they say, “Good day!” or even a simple “Hello!”. Just by doing that they spread out positive energy and therefore they recieve positive energy back. Don’t go staring at people with a wide toothy grin on your face though. The intention behind the smile is something everyone can read very easily, and I’m pretty sure a lot of us woud feel uncomfortable if a stranger was staring at us with a smile on his/her face.

If we go a bit off track for just a moment. Energy is a give and take system. The energy you give is more often the energy you will recieve back. In most cases, if you put out positivity you will recieve postivity. Same goes for negativity. It gets even better when negative energy is taken and turned into positivity. Someone scowls at you and in return recieves a smile from you. Many things can happen here. Sometime the person sits up with the negative energy because you decided not to take any part in it. Sometimes that negativity disappears due to the fact that you reacted with positivty. Either way, in a battle of the forces, the positive force is always the victor.

I’m sure everyone has a reason to smile. The fact that you woke up this morning is enough to justify a smile, not that a smile needs any justification. That first sip of coffee. The food you’re eating. The story that stranger on the bus told you. All reasons to smile. When we start looking at what we have to smile about, everything that we want to pout over suddenly disappears without a moment’s notice.

So do me a favour. Smile more often. Express your happiness, and even if you aren’t happy right this moment then that’s ok. You don’t have to smile right this moment, or all the time as a matter of fact. Just try to make a habbit of smiling. In the long run you won’t regret it. If the article about wrinkles and frowning is true then you have even more reason to show us that pretty smile. Remember to always express your emotions truly and have a great day.

This song always makes me smile. There’s something about whistling that just makes me happy.

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