Slow Down


We need to slow the hell down guys. This car is doing 200km/h and we’re burning up fuel and engine oil at an astounding rate. I mean come on, if you’d just drive slower then you won’t be putting yourself and others at risk. You’ll arrive at your destination safe and sound even though it might take a little longer.

Ok enough with story time. What I’m trying to say is- we need to slow down in daily life. This instant gratification society that we live in today is putting so much stress on us that we can barely function anymore. Your phone won’t load the page right away? Louis C.K. said, “Just give it a fucking minute! It’s going to outer space! Gosh!”. When you think about the distance that information travels these days- you become a bit more patient.

Food isn’t ready right now? Trust me, if you cook the chicken a little bit longer then you’ll be in for a salmonella free and tender meal.

What about all those tasks piled up on your desk? You have a lot of deadlines to meet and a lot of work to do. Why not just take it easily and finish what you’re able to without producing so much cortisol that your body decides to eat itself since you haven’t given it any fuel through the day.

Slowing down and looking at things one at a time can be so beneficial to our mental and physical health. I’m writing this because that’s something I need to remind myself everyday. As a musician with a full-time job and responsibilities to fulfill you can imagine I have a lot on my hands. I’ve noticed that when I’ve stopped trying to multi-task all the time and finish what I can, when I can, I end up putting in a much better effort which results in a better product.

The best way to learn a song is to play it slow. When you first learn to ride a bike you do it slowly. You drove slow during your test and you took your time preparing that meal you made for someone special. In most cases, the result was that you either learned that song note for note, you learned to ride that bike, you passed your driving test and the meal was delicious. Why not keep up a good habit or atleast make a habit of slowing down.

You might say, “Every minute counts!” or “Life is short!”. That’s all true, but why try to do everything as fast as possible only to have to come back to the task later to do it properly? That sounds like time wasted to me. We should be maximizing our efforts in what we are doing so we don’t have to come back to it later and therefore waste time. Again, as I write this I realize that I need to slow the hell down myself.

You don’t need to be worried. Your barber can wait for a moment or two. I’m sure he/she will be forgiving that you misplaced your car keys which is what made you late for your haircut. Not only that, but because you slowed down for a moment you were able retrace your steps and figure out where you left those car keys.

Make a concious effort to slow down and be patient. You’ll smile a lot more and develop discipline that we so sorely need these days.

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