In Iceland we don’t really get any sun during the winter months. Some people think that’s dreadful and others aren’t too bothered by it. When I lived in the Bahamas there was no shortage of sun so you’d think I’d be affected by the sunless winters. Truth be told it does have some effect on me, but I don’t get any sort of seasonal depression.

It does make me curious though. Going for such a long time without the sun, when you think about it, is tough in many aspects of life. Just think about what the sun does for us. Without it we have no food, no water, no summer hikes or picnics and the absolute worst, no natural Vitamin D or sunburn! Our beautiful sun has been taken away from us and the only thing we can do is to go somewhere else on the planet to sneak a peak of it or wait until late January or early February for it’s return.

Here’s the thing though. I was used to having the sun all year around way back when and I took it for granted. I notice that during the winter months I’m more drowsy and tend to keep at home where it’s warm and cozy with enough artificial light to keep my day bright. Sure, I practice more on my instruments and go more often to the gym, but I do tend to miss the summer weather. Not so much as to have a bad effect on my mood, but enough to look forward to the spring months. This lack of sunlight has made me appreciate not only the sun a lot more, but nature as well and what it does for the community. We have sun pancakes to celebrate it’s return and during the summer; the towns are filled with life and people are smiling and happy. People start eating healthier and feeling healthier when the sun comes back and that makes me happy. I think we should take a moment to appreciate something that we use daily without giving too much notice too. Thank you Sun, for giving us enjoyment, life and beautiful summer tans.

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