Positive Energy


A friend of mind called me the other day. I really enjoy talking to him because he has such a good vibe about him. What he has to say is always interesting. You can always learn something about life when you talk to him and during our last phone conversation we broached the topic of positive energy.

Now we didn’t hang on said topic for too long, but it got me thinking. During the conversation he told me how he had been talking to a friend of his who had been talking about a friend of said friend (are we on the same page here?). Now during said conversation there was a misunderstanding and my friend thought, if I remember correctly, that his friend was talking about my friend’s friend, but he was actually talking about his own friend. Jeeze, I’m even getting confused whilst writing about this. Either way there was a whole funny misunderstanding about it and my friend managed to make said friend burst into laughter. As he was telling me this story I started to laugh. He then told me that making me and his friend laugh was a great thing not only for us, but for him aswell. Why? He was spreading positive energy and therefore putting out good vibes into the world. Doing so doesn’t only fill us with positive energy it also filled him with positive energy.

That got me thinking. Spreading out positive energy not only for the benefit of others, but for yourself aswell. Think about it. Making people smile and laugh, personally, fills me with joy. I love to see people smile and get a lot out of it. Have you ever told a joke, made a fool of yourself or even smiled to another person and their reaction was a smile or laughter? I’m sure it made you feel great. Shouldn’t we all try to strive to atleast make one person smile a day just for the benefit of our own mental health?

Now I’m not saying that you should become a stand-up comedian and try and force a smile on someone, but making a concious effort to spread out positive energy in any way possible; even if no one is around to witness the act is a beautiful thing that anyone can accomplish once a day. Even if you managed to laugh at your own joke you’re still spreading out the good vibes, and with that I wish you a happy day!

Here’s a song that always manages to put a smile on my face.

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