First blog posts. No wait, scratch that. First posts on any form of the internet are always meant to be introductory. I’ll give it a shot. Some of you may already know who I am, most of you don’t though. I’m Daníel. A musician at heart that has decided to dabble into writing about his thoughts and publishing them for everyone to see.

If you would ask me why I’ve decided to add hobbyist writing to my repertoire of things that fill my days; I could honestly not answer you with a simple answer. I’ve always wanted to give writing a shot and where better to start than a blog?

What can you expect to see from this blog? In all honesty I can’t be certain as to where I’m going to be heading with this blog. I’ll be writing mostly about people’s behaviour, our inner self, spirituality alongside music that I create and enjoy. As for how frequently I’ll be writing, that’s a mystery that will be solved later down the road when I get my footing in this writing business.

As for the melody part of the blog. Here’s what I’m currently listening too. Lo-Fi hip-hop makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too.

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